What Marketers Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: Introduction to AI Marketing

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Artificial intelligence will reshape entire industries and our world, as we know it. Digital marketing will be one of the industries where AI, machine learning, and Big Data will have the greatest impact.

We already have bots and algorithms that are capable of producing original content. Estimates are that by 2018, 20% of all business content will be produced by machines.

Advancements in the field of narrow AI give birth to algorithms that can perform specific content creation and content marketing tasks. Narrow AI is not a threat to marketing experts who fear they can lose their jobs due to automation but it drastically reshapes the entire framework within which content is being created and then delivered to consumers.

Chatbots, AI-enabled marketing platforms, and automated ad placement is only the start of the widespread implementation of machine learning and Big Data concepts across the digital marketing industry. The emergence of increasingly sophisticated algorithms will result in personalized branding messages delivered to every consumer, on every channel, and on any device.

As the Internet of Things matures, we will witness branding and marketing messages delivered through devices such as home appliances and connected vehicles. Mobile devices will take advantage of technologies like augmented reality and natural language processing to make it possible to customize marketing messages based on location, mood, and very specific actions taken by the consumer.

No one knows what the general purpose AI, the ultimate machine intelligence, will introduce. Nonetheless, marketing experts should be aware that we enter an era where algorithms will manage most of the processes and procedures involved in the creation of successful marketing campaigns. Machines will not replace human marketers anytime soon. However, it is best to be prepared for a world where marketing decisions are driven by AI and Big Data.

By the time you are done reading this short book you will know:

  • What is big data
  • What is the future of big data
  • How to use big data in marketing
  • How is big data used in advertising
  • Big data facts
  • why is big data important
  • Big data in marketing research
  • Uses of artificial intelligence in marketing
  • Cases and examples of AI driven marketing
  • What is the future of ai
  • How predictive analytics will change the way you market
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