Privacy Policy


Cookies usually are the trickiest part of making your website compliant with regulations for privacy and data protection.

Most of the other data collection activities going on in connection to your website are both static and visible: The contact form or newsletter-subscription only changes if you actively make changes to it, and the user is aware of giving personal information when they chose to fill them out.

Cookies, on the other hand, operate in the background.

They are quietly dropped on the user’s computer without the user (or sometimes even the website owner, for that sake) being aware of what is going on.

Once dropped, the cookies can collect a lot of different types of data for any given length of time, and send this data out ‘into the world’.

Moreover, cookies are numerous and dynamic, tending to change often.

The General Data Protection Regulation requires that the communication about the use of data is both specific and accurate.

This means, in practice, that whereas the remainder of the privacy policy may be a static document, the section on cookies should be updated fairly regularly.

This issue can be solved if you choose a cookie solution like Cookiebot for your website.

Cookiebot performs monthly scans of your website, giving a complete overview of the cookies in use.

This information is 1) sent to the website owner, 2) presented to the user in a comprehensive consent banner upon their first visit, and, lastly, but most important in the present context, can be integrated as part of your privacy policy with a few lines of Javascript.

This way, you can make sure that your information on cookies is continually up to date.