Get to Know About Organic Skin Care

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Get to Know About Organic Skin Care




What you put on your skin is very important as it has direct effect on it. More than that though, research has shown that what is used on the skin seeps into the bloodstream. Some skin care products contain subtly harmful chemicals which can cause serious problems down the road; some have even been known to cause skin cancer. This is why in the past few years more people are turning to organic skin care products so that they can protect their skin from unnecessary chemicals.

Although there is no specific definition for organic skin care, the general understanding we get from organic food produce help in defining what should not be in an organic skin care product and that is chemicals. Any skin care product that contains even one chemical cannot claim to be an organic skin care product.

However, that does not stop some manufacturers from tagging their products organic even when they are aware that majority of the ingredients used in making the products are chemicals. What is expected of organic skin care products is that they contain 100% organic ingredients. But unless they state otherwise, even 95% organic ingredients is considered organic by most regulating bodies including the USDA NOP standard, which is used in regulating organic agricultural produce. In fact even a product that has a very broad ‘contains organic’ is considered organic.

When choosing organic skin care products, it could get a bit confusing simply because for skin care products, organic covers a wide range of ingredients including essential oils, herbs, plants and extracts from other natural sources. They are found in body lotions, hair shampoos, cosmetics and anything that goes on the skin.

While organic products are often more expensive than the non-organic ones, the long term benefits on the skin are without comparison. These products are safer for the body as they do not usually contain harmful substances which seep into the blood stream. Also, they have rejuvenation properties in them and are great for preventing and treating skin problems. Contrary to popular belief, organic skin care products are cheaper than the non-organic products because their effects last longer. This means that the need to keep up repeated use is reduced.

It is easy to fall for the general assumption that all organic skin care products are beneficial to the body and good for the skin. This is not the case however as even natural products such as some herbs contain properties that could be dangerous if not used properly. Therefore before purchasing any organic skin care product, it is advisable to make sure that the product has been certified by the relevant bodies. Where that product has been certified, it means that it has been tested for harmful substances and found free.

Some of the ingredients likely to be found in organic skin care products include honey, wheat germ oil, aloe vera, jojoba, lavender and oatmeal amongst others.

Finding the right organic skin care product can be challenging but once you find what suits your body, it would be worth the effort.