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Do you need someone to manage your Twitter and facebook Accounts ?  

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Peterborough / 彼得伯勒 / Peterborough / ピーターバラ — London Calling …

Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. 剑桥郡的彼得伯勒。 Peterborough di Cambridgeshire. ケンブリッジシャーのピーターバラ。 Guildhall. 市政厅。 Dewan Perbandaran. 市役所。 Peterborough Cathedral, built in 1118. 建于1118年的彼得伯勒大教堂。 Katedral Peterborough yang dibina pada tahun 1118. 1118年に建てられたピーターバラ大聖堂。 Cathedral Square. 大教堂广场。 Dataran Katedral. 大聖堂広場。 The Guildhall was built in 1671. 这市政厅则建于1671年。 Dewan Perbandaran ini dibina pada tahun 1671. この市役所は1671年に建てられました。 St John’s Church, built in 1407. 建于1407年的圣约翰教堂。 […]

via Peterborough / 彼得伯勒 / Peterborough / ピーターバラ — London Calling …

Buying Organic Skin Care Products

What to Look Out for When Buying Organic Skin Care Products



The demand for organic skin care products has risen dramatically in the past few years. As more people discover the benefits of organic agricultural produce, that discovery is also spreading to other industries so that now there is a rising trend in the fashion industry for organic clothing and in the beauty industry for organic cosmetics. This has also led to a higher demand for organic skin care products.

The problem though is that not all manufacturers who claim their products are organic can actually stand by that claim. While there are many that are truly organic, there seem to be even more that are just riding on that ticket to make even more profits. This can become confusing and frustrating for one who just wants to buy an effective organic lotion without all the fuss and muss. If that’s you, here are a few things to look out for when buying organic skin care products.

1. Certification: It does not matter what country you live in, there is some sort of regulatory body which is responsible for certifying products. In the United States, there is the USDA which has the Organic Skin Care arm that is responsible for certifying products organic. Before a product can get certified, it must meet the set standard and would have gone through requisite inspection. In the UK, the Soil Association determines what can be labeled organic while in Australia it is ‘Australian Certified Organic’ (ACO). Before you even think of purchasing any organic product, make sure it state on the body that it has been certified by the relevant bodies.

2. Label: One would think that certification alone should be sufficient to satisfy consumers that the product is completely organic. However, this is not the case as there are different levels of what is termed ‘organic.’ You need to check what percentage of organic that product is. This does not require any special lab tests or anything, the body of the product should contain a label signifying whether it is 100% organic, 95% organic or 75% organic. The USDA standard does not allow lower than 75%. Before you think of purchasing any product that is not 100% organic, you need to think carefully. The truth is that although the requirement states the remaining percentage of what is not organic should contain substances that are close to organic, you can never be really sure. If you must buy those, first find out what they contain.

3. Ingredients: This is really important. Find out what ingredients are being used and if possible, how much of those ingredients are used. There are certain ingredients that might be contained in products which are said to be 100% organic but which are actually bad for your skin, like fragrances. Before you invest a lot of your money on a skin care product, ask for tester if available and try it for some time before making up your mind.


4. Price: To be sure, organic skin care products have a slightly higher market price value than the non-organic versions. Nevertheless, do not spend your money on products that are ridiculously expensive. Such products seldom deliver what they promise. Skin care is an on-going practice and it is best to stick to a product once you’ve found what works for you. Therefore, choose something that is reasonably affordable for you so that you do not have to bite your nails whenever it’s time to replenish the stock.

Top Benefits of Using Organic Soap

Top Benefits of Using Organic Soap


Organic products are natural and they are safe on human tissues. Organic soap is an innovative natural beauty and skin care product which is beneficial and has long term effects on the body. Most of the soaps available today in the market are detergent based, and they are made from petroleum by-products and consist of principal ingredients like surfactants, foaming agents and alcohol. The detergent based soap is synthetic in nature and has artificial fragrances which affect human system. On the other hand organic soap is natural, being plant and herbal based; which is why it is considered to have great benefits and is also an effective and preferable alternative.

Organic products such as organic soaps have played crucial role in the development of a niche market of their own. Organic soap is good for the skin and has a number of benefits attached.

They Have No Side Effects

Commercially produced synthetic soap is harmful to skin and body in general as it contains many types of chemicals and preservatives which are commonly used in making them. When you use organic products, it means you are protecting yourself from dry skin, pimples and other kinds of skin irritations. Organic soap is high in demand as some of the most effective skincare organic products and is regularly prescribed by the skin specialists for those who suffer from acne, pimples and other skin problems. Because this soap is natural with no added chemicals, by using them you are taking the best care of your skin and protecting it from harmful side effects associated with non-natural products.

Natural Scents and Colors
Most organic soap is made with natural essential oils. These do not only have healing properties, they contain naturally sweet smelling scents. There is no need for artificial scents or artificial coloring which can be harmful to the skin. Artificial coloring is obtained from dyes and most of these are carcinogenic.

Promoting Green Living
Organic products come in recyclable containers and so are the organic soaps. The soap is packed in recycled paper. Similarly, the liquid organic soap is packed in the refillable containers. Therefore, when you go for organic soaps, not only are you taking the advantage of wonderfully beneficial beauty products, you are also helping the environment by reducing your environmental footprint.

Easily Accessible
The best thing about organic soap is that they are available across the globe and you can buy them in different skincare clinics, spas and salons. Moreover, they are affordable and will not pinch your pocket. You can also benefit from a wide variety of soap from rose organic soap to lavender organic soap. The choice is yours.

Healing Properties
Because of the essential oils and natural herbs that are used, organic soap is the best things that could happen to your skin. For those with skin problems like acne, pimples, eczema and blackhead, just to mention a few, the healing properties contained in organic soap will work wonders on your skin. And even if you have no skin problems, you know that you are not creating any long term harm to your skin from chemicals which are contained in non-organic soap.

Organic soap is designed to give you healthy and disease-free body, giving you a refreshing look and natural fragrance.

Get to Know About Organic Skin Care

Get to Know About Organic Skin Care




What you put on your skin is very important as it has direct effect on it. More than that though, research has shown that what is used on the skin seeps into the bloodstream. Some skin care products contain subtly harmful chemicals which can cause serious problems down the road; some have even been known to cause skin cancer. This is why in the past few years more people are turning to organic skin care products so that they can protect their skin from unnecessary chemicals.

Although there is no specific definition for organic skin care, the general understanding we get from organic food produce help in defining what should not be in an organic skin care product and that is chemicals. Any skin care product that contains even one chemical cannot claim to be an organic skin care product.

However, that does not stop some manufacturers from tagging their products organic even when they are aware that majority of the ingredients used in making the products are chemicals. What is expected of organic skin care products is that they contain 100% organic ingredients. But unless they state otherwise, even 95% organic ingredients is considered organic by most regulating bodies including the USDA NOP standard, which is used in regulating organic agricultural produce. In fact even a product that has a very broad ‘contains organic’ is considered organic.

When choosing organic skin care products, it could get a bit confusing simply because for skin care products, organic covers a wide range of ingredients including essential oils, herbs, plants and extracts from other natural sources. They are found in body lotions, hair shampoos, cosmetics and anything that goes on the skin.

While organic products are often more expensive than the non-organic ones, the long term benefits on the skin are without comparison. These products are safer for the body as they do not usually contain harmful substances which seep into the blood stream. Also, they have rejuvenation properties in them and are great for preventing and treating skin problems. Contrary to popular belief, organic skin care products are cheaper than the non-organic products because their effects last longer. This means that the need to keep up repeated use is reduced.

It is easy to fall for the general assumption that all organic skin care products are beneficial to the body and good for the skin. This is not the case however as even natural products such as some herbs contain properties that could be dangerous if not used properly. Therefore before purchasing any organic skin care product, it is advisable to make sure that the product has been certified by the relevant bodies. Where that product has been certified, it means that it has been tested for harmful substances and found free.

Some of the ingredients likely to be found in organic skin care products include honey, wheat germ oil, aloe vera, jojoba, lavender and oatmeal amongst others.

Finding the right organic skin care product can be challenging but once you find what suits your body, it would be worth the effort.