Do you need someone to manage your Twitter and facebook Accounts ?

I will be the BEST Community Manager on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, VK, Xing

Do you need someone to manage your Twitter and facebook Accounts ?  

  • Then look no further!
  • I’m Riccardo And I will be the the Best Community Manager for you or your Business on Twitter.
  • Over 10 years of Online Marketing & Social Marketing.


Do you know that TWITTER is one of the  biggest online platform with over 310 millions active users monthly? Don’t miss this opportunity and let me make the Best Promotion for  your Business ,and you will see Instant increase in your SALES and  Traffic to your Website.

I get the results you are expecting. I am 100% commited to do a AWESOME JOB for You.


As a community Manager I will do the following services: 

  • -Post content on a daily basis
  • –Generate Impact content  with a daily high frequency.
  • -Grow your followers
  • -Develop  tactics and strategies  to ensure the increase of followers that will be reflected in the increase of customers
  • -Answer Questions, complaints and suggestions from fans


  • – Gain followers, greater awareness, and traffic to your website 
  • -Developing content relevant to the target audience.
  • -Generate Empathy and sympathy with followers
  • – Direct message and thank people for following you
  • – Identify and reach out to Twitter influencers in your industry to make new connections


  •  -Organise Your branding strategy and Campaign planning for your Business on Twitter.
  • -Manage your account and Increase Followers
  • -Increase your own brand
  • -Increase your online reputation
  •  Increase the online community
  • -Full service, weekly, or monthly.

You will be impressed by my work!!

It’s free



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